Your Customer Has The Brain of a 13-Year Old

No wonder teens get more selective about friends…

Science has proven that middle adolescents, aged 13-15, get more selective about peer friendships and relationships. It makes sense; when you were five years old, you could know somebody for eight seconds and you proudly declared them “your friend”. As children get older, they experience more disappointment, sadness, and loss, and that makes it harder for them to trust people or consider new friendships.

What does this mean for you in your sales career? You have to know that you can’t be friends to everybody, and people are selective about who gets into their circle. Are you the kind of guy (yeah, I said guy, because women don’t do this nearly as much as men) that shows up at every single appointment with a booming frat-boy voice excitedly telling all the details of your drunken guy’s weekend? Do you really think people are taking you seriously? Some customers might, but the vast majority will tolerate the act until the second the door closes behind you. Then they call you an idiot to everybody within distance of their voice.

It’s great to work with friends and that should be the goal of all your relationships, but not everybody wants to be your friend; it may be because of your background, your offering, your personality, or your hairpiece. You just have to accept that and treat them appropriately… until they do become your friend.

One Moore Thing: The best way to make a friend is to do what you say you’re going to do. It’s as simple as that. Familiarity leads to trust and trust leads to friendship.