Why You Hate Salespeople

So his sales skills were a bit unorthodox

You’ve been trained to hate salespeople since you you were a kid. If somebody showed up at the door, your mom would make you be quiet and tell you to not move to pretend nobody was home. When you started working, the problem became even more amplified. The boss wouldn’t take calls from salespeople and your peers would piss and moan about your own company’s salespeople.

Production employees are distrustful of salespeople because they feel they make more money (true) and have more freedom (again, true). To keep those employees happy, organizations tend to reinforce those feelings rather than letting the workforce know the hard truths of selling that include long hours, inconsistent pay, and constant pressure to perform. These feelings feed upon themselves and end up making employees and management even more jealous of the sales department. That jealousy creates a divisiveness in the organization that make employees feel justified in being unsupportive of the sales team. They may be slow in responding to requests, blame customer service problems on the salesperson, and intentionally piss off customers that are connected to a certain salesperson.

Instead, organizations should position salespeople as what they are… the hand that feeds the rest of the organization.

One Moore Thing: Employees can’t do their job until something is sold. Conversely, salespeople won’t be able to make a second sale if those employees don’t do their job. We are all dependent on each other and no one person or department is better than another… except finance… they just suck the life out of all of us.