Why I Don’t Verify Appointments

Important date

Set the appointment, but don’t call to verify.

We’ve all had it happen to us. We set an appointment that we’ve been trying to get for weeks (or even months). We show up the standard 15 minutes early and check in with the receptionist.

Then we sit. And sit. And sit. The receptionist finally tells us that our prospect got called into a meeting, or double-booked himself, or is out sick today, or blah blah blah.

You’re first inclination is to get angry, curse under your breath, and walk out the door.

Instead, step back and realize that you just struck gold! Now, they are in debt to you and the next time you meet with them, the first thing out of his mouth will be an apology for the “miscommunication” that happened last time. My response is typically to smile a slightly crooked smile, nod my head and say “that’s okay. It happens. I’m sure you’ll make it up to me.” Each and every time this has happened to me, that initial meeting has went better than other initial meetings; they’re more open, honest, and helpful because they feel they owe you.

In every relationship, there is an ebb and flow, a give and take, a yin and yang. People don’t want to be in debt or owe a favor, so they will go out of their way to make sure you’re even. If they don’t do this on their own, you can always give them a subtle reminder.

One Moore Thing: I once had a sales manager that mandated we verify every appointment the day before the scheduled meeting and the entire team would get between 10-20% cancellations… simply because we gave them that opportunity. Don’t give them the opportunity.