Why Do Customers Lie?

Don't perpetuate the myth... tell the truth

One of the most frustrating aspects of being in sales is being lied to by prospects or customers. “We’re going to sign with you” or “if you can meet this demand, we will choose your firm” is many times followed by unanswered calls or news that they went with your competitor. Why do customers do this?

Because salespeople have trained them to. Prospects have been told about special offer pricing, competitive offerings, and time-sensitive deals only to have that same salesperson come back to them and offer even better terms. In short, your client has been lied to by people just like you (and maybe even by you).

Obviously you can’t control other salespeople’s actions, but you can control yours. If you tell a client they will get their shipment on Tuesday, make sure it doesn’t arrive Wednesday. If you say this is your best price, make sure it’s your best price. If you are asked about the competition, tell the truth and learn to differentiate yourself from them without lying.

One Moore Thing: If you sell without ethics, you won’t sell for long.