What Drives You? (Hint: It’s Not Money)

Nobody's driven purely by money

Most people think salespeople are driven by money. Hell, most salespeople say they are driven by money. While it may be a short-term incentive, it won’t motivate you forever. To become an effective seller, you have to dig deep into yourself and determine what really drives you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I truly believe my product helps my customers?
  • Do I make a difference to my clients?
  • What do I do with my money that makes me happy (feed my family, give to charities, buy my friends a beer)?
  • If I didn’t make commissions, would I still sell this service?

If you can determine why you sell, you can position your sales techniques to capitalize on that. If you sell to make people happy, find people that want to be happier; if you sell to create relationships, find people that want relationships.

One Moore Thing:┬áIf you continue to sell for money, you’ll continue to find customers that only care about money… and low prices… and low margins.