This Year I Will Ignore You… Again

Last year I started ignoring people. No, I didn’t ignore everybody, but I did ignore all the negative people. The Naysayers, Bandwagon Jumpers, Negative Nellie’s, and those who quoted nothing but depressing statistics. In short, I ignored the people who lacked the imagination, motivation, or maturation to figure out that it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world tells you… it matters only what you tell yourself.

I basically tired of hearing everybody talk about how bad the economy was, how bad their industry is, and how bad their future will be. How many times can you hear somebody complain about how bad things are but when you ask them how it’s affected their life so far, they have a hard time answering that?

In sales, we are conditioned to listen to the customer. But it’s no good listening if you don’t ask the right questions. When I stopped to ask the right questions, what I found last year was that over 90% of the customers I talked to were having good, solid years. Some were having great years, and some were having their best year ever. The sky wasn’t falling, this wasn’t the great depression, and the world wasn’t going to end when the Dow sank below 9,000. It was simply an opportunity for them to release new products, expose their competitor’s weaknesses, and increase their market share.

Because I stopped listening to the nightly news, reading the negative news articles, and listening to pessimistic people I had my best year ever. My sales increased over 60%, I’ve done even more public speaking, and my 2010 is already off to a great start.

If you’re looking to have your best year, start listening to yourself and stop listening to the naysayers. And if you’re one of those people who only talk about how bad things are, feel free to take it personally when I ignore you.