Sell Like Santa – Part 2 of 2

Either this is the 2nd part of the post or Santa is giving you the peace sign

In Part 1 of this post, I talked about making a list and checking it twice… basically allowing you to see how much time you actually spend on sales activities.

Today we’re going to find out who’s Naughty & Nice.

Start out by finding a quiet place and taking an inventory of all your customers. Some salespeople have hundreds of customers while others have a half dozen, so depending on your customer base and value per customer, this could take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. Don’t worry about how big they are or how much revenue or commission they provide. We simply want to know if they’re naughty or nice. Typically, your gut instinct can tell you where a client falls on the naught to nice scale, but you should prepare a few questions to help classify the ones that aren’t readily apparent.

Here are some sample questions to ask yourself about your clients:

  • Do they demand unrealistic turnarounds without expecting to pay a premium? Naughty
  • Are they rude to any member of your staff, from the janitor to the president? Very naughty
  • Is their business growing or changing in a way that positively affects your relationship with them? Nice
  • Do they always act as if they’re your only customer in the world and, consequently, treats you like they’re doing you a favor (this is different than making a customer feel like they’re your only customer… that’s called excellent customer service)? Naughty
  • Do they offer referrals to you? Very nice
  • Are they somebody you would consider having dinner or drinks with… without discussing any business? Nice

One Moore Thing: Once you create the list, you have two options of what to do with the naughty list: you can either dump your naughty clients or focus on working with them to become nice. Either way, you have to make a change, because life is too short to be dealing with people on the naughty list.