No More Twinkies

Don’t blame the Twinkies

In my twenties, I smoked cigarettes… a lot of cigarettes. I was up to around two packs per day. I was short of breath, embarrassed of my habit, and my car smelled funky. Even though I told myself I needed to quit, I only really tried to quit five or six times. Thankfully, I did quit… but not until I took action.

I need to lose weight. I have to sell more. I should eat better. It’s about time to get a different job.

Have you ever said any of these things to yourself? I have. Even though I’ve recognized that some things needed to change, I didn’t always make the changes. In some cases, loved ones and friends noticed what I needed to change before I had an inkling that something was wrong. Other times it took years to get off my ass and make a change that would stick.

You might use different words or desire different changes, but if you’re like every other human on the face of this earth, you see things that you should do differently… and yet, you don’t adjust your behavior.  Why? Because these areas of growth mean that something has to change, and most people are scared of change. We all know that if we want to lose weight, we have to be more active. If we need to sell more, we have to see more prospects or increase the amount of revenue per prospect. If we want to lose weight, we have to stop shoving Twinkies in our mouth.

Anything in your life that you want to alter can be done with one simple word: ACTION. You can’t realize a different result or create a new habit without taking action. If you don’t take action, in five years you’ll be sitting on the exact same couch, with the exact same friends, in the exact same job, bitching about the exact same problems… and probably eating the exact same Twinkies.

One Moore Thing: If you don’t know what you need to change to accomplish your desired results, find somebody who has already made the change and mimic their behavior.