Duck, Duck, Goose

Don't wait for somebody else to Goose you

Don’t wait for somebody else to Goose you

In elementary school, our teachers would have us play a game called Duck, Duck, Goose. The entire class would sit in a circle cross-legged (back then it was called Indian-style) and one kid would walk around the circle tapping the other kids on the head and say Duck, Duck, Duck, and finally one person was the Goose. If she said Duck when she tapped your head, you didn’t do anything… if she said Goose when she tapped your head, you had to get up as fast as possible, chase her around the outside of the entire circle and catch her before she got back to where you were sitting.

The Ducks in the circle had no clue who you were going to pick even though you had made up your mind before ever engaging with anybody. Before you were ever chosen as the Goose, you knew who you were going to choose when it was your turn to tap the heads of your classmates.

The same thing happens in sales every single day. Because of the plethora of information available at your customer’s fingertips, they have normally researched solutions and made a decision prior to calling any potential vendors. You have two options to separate yourself from the rest of the sales crowd:

  1. Figure out how to provide prospects with the initial information through your website, articles, videos, white papers, etc. This should be educational, informational, and free. It’s called “marketing”.
  2. Find a major point of differentiation between you and your competitors and focus on that point.

One Moore Thing: Quit being so happy when prospects call you… they’ve probably already made a decision by that point. Separating yourself from the Ducks is the only way you will become the Goose.