Who am I?

I'm a Midwest guy in the prime of my life. I'm old enough to have lost a few hairs, but young enough to pick up a football and not be afraid to hit someone at full speed. I have a great life, but it's not always perfect. I have opinions, great ideas (some greater than others) and while some days I jump out of bed ready to take on the world, other days I just want to lay there until noon and watch cartoons like I did when I was a kid.


My wife is my best friend; and sometimes she's a pain in the ass. But I couldn't imagine life without her and at the end of a long week, I want nothing more than to relax with her at my side.

Sales Expert

Sales is the easiest, worst-paying job you'll ever have, or the hardest, best-paying job you'll ever have and the best thing about a sales career is that you're the one in control of your success.


I love to be involved in the community, charities, helping startups, or just helping someone move. If someone asks my opinion, they'll get it. Sometimes if they don't ask for it, they'll still get it.

Things I Love

Like most people, I have a wide range of interests, some of which are listed below:

My wife owns her own business and brings her A-game each and every day. She’s probably the best person I’ve met at working a room of strangers, and I’m her biggest fan.
I enjoy everything from high-end French cuisine to Fruity Pebbles. I’m always willing to try anything and consider myself an amateur foodie. I love a great burger or steak, but I’ve found that I can make one that surpasses most restaurants.

For me, food is about setting your senses on fire and sharing that time with people you care about.

Pappy, Blanton’s, and Elijah Craig.

Miller Lite, Corona, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Drew Estate, Perdomo, and Cohiba.

I told you I was hard to figure out…

I’m on a plane almost every week to earn a living. I’ve been all over this great country, and many places in Europe and Mexico. I’d love to explore Asia and South America as well.

My favorite place? Home.

Great design moves you to think and touch and create. It could be a fabulous piece of technology or a toaster that browns perfectly.
I like ABC (Anything But Country), although I see a fair amount of country acts because of my wife.

I’ll watch almost any movie, and if it hasn’t been nominated for an Oscar, then all the better.

I love people. I love my friends. I love meeting new people and learning about their stories. I think that’s why I got into sales… to meet people and help them in my own way.
Come on, I’m a guy! I ride a Harley and would love to restore a classic car. If I want to clear my head, I just need to get behind the wheel (or handlebars), and drive… it makes all my problems just fade away.